This is a test post from my phone

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When one has huge plans to overcome our inner demons, the demons mount a fierce defence.  When one has small steps the demons hardly notice.  Just enough to scoff and ridicule.  

So hear me out demons.  I don’t want to change the world.  I just want to write a blog post.  Go ahead and scoff, go ahead and snicker.  It’s not much, you’re right.  

But as you mock the tiny steps I take, I can occasionally sneak a quick look back at all the miles I’ve travelled.  I’ll keep on sneaking.  I’ll keep on having small steps.  I’ll amuse you for a while.

But after a while I’ll be too far ahead and you won’t be able to see me anymore.  You may mock the memory you have of me.  But that person won’t exist any more.  Because as I take those small ridiculed baby steps.  I grow.  I change.  And I while you mock what was once me. I won’t mock the demons.  I won’t feel superior.

I won’t remember the demons at all.

Here’s to a step.  

Just a little step.

Nothing happening here.  

Everything happening here.

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One Hand on the Mouse, the Other Hand on My Credit Card: New MacBook Pros are Here

I love Apple’s keynotes.  I remember way back in the 50’s with the whole family gathering around the old victorola to watch them in black and white.  “Now PONG with TWO paddles!”  

Oh how things have changed.  Mr. TIm “a billion shares waiting to be vested” Cook led off a dazzling array of MacBook Pros, and MacBook Pros and iOS6 featuring Siri only better.

Now I have only a year and a half on my trusty MBP, so I can’t feasibly or reasonably justify the purchase of a brand new MacBook Pro with retina display and diamond and ruby innards.   But I would drop the cost of a fairly decent used car if only for the naming.

But Apple is getting silly with naming their products.  MacBook Pro with Retina Display.  Now while I appreciate that Apple doesn’t name their products like stock part numbers; “Dell 3200B IL” or like a defunct superhero, “HP Spectre” or like some new prescription medicine.  “Ask your doctor if Lenovo is right for you”.  

Now the iPad 3 is called the “New iPad”, which come on, face it, we can only milk for so long. But what should we call the new MacBook Pro?  How does it fit into the lineup?  

So why not MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Retina?  MacBook Elite?  MacBook PROPRO? 

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be making purchasing decisions at a time like this.

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Tumblr Go Bye Bye, well at least for me.


I tired Tumblr for one of my blogs that I’m starting.  Not a good choice.  I knew it was a problem after two event.  

#1.  I tried emailing a post.  After three days nothing.  

#2.  I couldn’t find my blog.  Since I couldn’t remember the exact URL, I couldn’t find it.  Not search.  

Now I just want to use WordPress with multiple blogs on one web host.  

Challenge accepted.

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Not Loving…


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Love the Ratio of action to learning.  So my blog is merely 15% retention?  Better than some my classes in high school.

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One More

Posterous.  I forgot.  Might look into that one as well.  

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