Is Sunday the start of the Week? Or my life?

When you have a billion ideas, and therefore a billion and one things you could do, you don’t get anything done.  You may not get anything started.  That’s my deal now.

Today I am learning to focus.  Yes I will focus on one project and only one SQUIRREL!!!!

Okay, I may have to have a plan to put other ideas in the parking lot.  To deal with the squirrels, or at least the nutty ideas quickly and put them on the shelf, so I can focus on the world changing mission in front of me.

So of all the projects I want to accomplish, the challenges I want to tackle and the things I want to learn, I must pick one.  Only one.  Maybe two?  No; one.  

It’s great to look at a map and see where you want to end up.  It’s great to look at all the sites and stops you may want to see along the way, but the most important point on the map is where you are.  YOU ARE HERE.  And do you turn left, right, up or down.


Today I focus. Image

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I am still learning. Now I'm sharing what I'm learning. Enjoy and share.
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