When one has huge plans to overcome our inner demons, the demons mount a fierce defence.  When one has small steps the demons hardly notice.  Just enough to scoff and ridicule.  

So hear me out demons.  I don’t want to change the world.  I just want to write a blog post.  Go ahead and scoff, go ahead and snicker.  It’s not much, you’re right.  

But as you mock the tiny steps I take, I can occasionally sneak a quick look back at all the miles I’ve travelled.  I’ll keep on sneaking.  I’ll keep on having small steps.  I’ll amuse you for a while.

But after a while I’ll be too far ahead and you won’t be able to see me anymore.  You may mock the memory you have of me.  But that person won’t exist any more.  Because as I take those small ridiculed baby steps.  I grow.  I change.  And I while you mock what was once me. I won’t mock the demons.  I won’t feel superior.

I won’t remember the demons at all.

Here’s to a step.  

Just a little step.

Nothing happening here.  

Everything happening here.

About chroogle

I am still learning. Now I'm sharing what I'm learning. Enjoy and share.
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