A Great Idea, That I’ll Regret Later


Okay, So I want to learn about blogging, writing and setting up websites.  I have several domains that represent various interests that I have in my “portfolio”.

This blog is on WordPress, this blog is a notebook of my learning and unlearning of setting up websites, where I can log, note and share the bumps in the road.  Boy is WordPress easy so far.

With my other blogs, I can put one on Google Blogger, another set up on Tumblr, one can be a home built, so to speak using Sandvox and the final lab rat can be made with Rapid Weaver.

Alright.  http://kettlebelljourney.tumblr.com/  set up.   Blogger up on deck for tomorrow.

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Danny’s Advice For Growing a Blog

This is the article that spurred me on to start by creating content.  As they say first things first.  If I don’t create content, then nothing else matters.

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No Short Cuts. Is There An App For That?

The purpose of this blog, at least for now, is to log my thoughts and process in learning how to create web based businesses. In the past few months, I have done a great deal of reading, subscribed to many other blogs, downloaded courses, signed up for “premium” content and I am learning and progressing.

The “Thump in the head” came yesterday, when I realized that I need content.  By that, I mean that I need to write and write and plan and write and revise, and polish and research and write and write some more.  I can SEO and back link the entire googleverse to my sites, but it’s like the “World’s Largest Ball of String” attractions along the interstate.  If there is nothing to see when people get there, they won’t stop in the gift shop.

So now I must become a productivity hound.  The goal is one hundred blog posts written for each of the four sites that I am starting before I even worry about Themes, designs, or marketing.

So next step, Four hundred posts.  So if I do four hundred a day, it will take me less than a week.  Something tells me that it will take more time, but that I will learn a bit along the way.  Learn a bit about writing, about being productive and myself.  It’s the last part that scares me.

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Is Sunday the start of the Week? Or my life?

When you have a billion ideas, and therefore a billion and one things you could do, you don’t get anything done.  You may not get anything started.  That’s my deal now.

Today I am learning to focus.  Yes I will focus on one project and only one SQUIRREL!!!!

Okay, I may have to have a plan to put other ideas in the parking lot.  To deal with the squirrels, or at least the nutty ideas quickly and put them on the shelf, so I can focus on the world changing mission in front of me.

So of all the projects I want to accomplish, the challenges I want to tackle and the things I want to learn, I must pick one.  Only one.  Maybe two?  No; one.  

It’s great to look at a map and see where you want to end up.  It’s great to look at all the sites and stops you may want to see along the way, but the most important point on the map is where you are.  YOU ARE HERE.  And do you turn left, right, up or down.


Today I focus. Image

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Taking Chances

It’s Friday April 20th, 2012, and “Taking Chances”  is What I Am Learning Today.

I signed up for WordPress, I have started a blog.  I am now at the bottom of the pile of the many millions of blogs out there.

But that’s okay.  This is not about finding a top spot in technorati.  It’s about finding my voice, an audience and sharing some insight, information and some perspective.  If you can join me on this adventure, jump in, put on your seatbelt and we’ll go for a ride.

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